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Red Power 2 Prerelease 3

I just uploaded a new version, RP2pr3. You can get it from the Download link in the upper right corner of the blog.

Unofficial Recipe List

Major new features

  • Tubes now alternate between valid same-length destinations, allowing fair item distribution.

  • Rubberwood Covers

  • A preview version of Blutricity.

  • A non-colored bundled cable.

  • Transposers and Filters can insert or extract from storage minecarts.

  • New Item Detector block.

  • Ore Dictionary support.

  • Transposer passive actions switch off when powered, allowing the Transposer to be used as a valve.

  • A major secret feature.

Known Issues

  • Some recipes are temporary, and a few have changed.

  • Game balance is still not finalized.

  • Volcanos and Rubber Trees are still using an even distribution.

  • Creative Mode is still not supported. RedPower blocks can’t be broken in creative mode.

  • The Blutricity energy network loses too much power and has too much line sag.

  • A small save change will make jacketed wires in inventory invalid. Jacketed wires in the world will be fine.

Bugs Fixed

  • Spilling items around full chests.

  • Basalt covers preview as bedrock

  • Bad ejection positions

  • Filters accepting blocks backwards.

  • Items entering stuffed up transposer.

  • Not filtering on the sucking cone?

  • Can disable silver, tin, copper generation

  • Add a “autoAssign” option to the config file, to prevent the IDs from wandering.

  • Fix tube item visibility in SMP.

  • Fix a few cases where tube contents would not be saved.

  • Somehow it’s possible to get opposing wires in the same block.