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Red Power 2 Prerelease 5b2 (For Minecraft 1.2.5)

Okay, here’s the next patch of RedPower 2.

Unofficial Recipe List

All the awesome changes in RP2 - PR5b2, mostly centered around MineOS v1.1 (Computers). Its coming VERY soon – stay tuned to http://www.eloraam.com/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Direwolf20 Join our IRC channel – #Direwolf20 on espernet Keep up with my thread here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/876538-direwolf20s-lets-play-minecraft-v125-season-4/

New Features

  • Added some achievements.

  • Support for Buildcraft oil.

  • Support for Railcraft/MCL minecarts.

  • Moss spreads.

  • Recycle fine wire, armor, tools.

  • Igniters can extinguish portals.

  • Independent output buffers for the Sorting Machine.

  • Added iron, tin, copper, silver nuggets.

General Bug Fixes

  • IConnectRedstone is now respected by redwire (fix for Railcraft connection).

  • Make use of the new MCL getItemsDropped() for minecarts.

  • Fixed bottom of thermopile texture.

  • Fixed jitter when near bedrock.

  • Deployers using screwdrivers

  • Fixed bad linksize computation.

  • Fixed frame sky excursion.

  • Fixed frames leaving loaded chunks.

  • SSP volcanos now generate properly.

  • Carts crashing into transposers now have a draining delay.

  • Sorting machine no longer loses the column.

  • Items bumping the input of the sorting machine are correctly sorted.

  • Fixed HD texture animations on Frame Motors.

  • Fortune on gems.

  • Fixed bug in Assembler filling water buckets, etc.

  • Boot disks now spawn in dungeon chests.

  • Battery boxes drop contents when broken.

  • Rubber tree leaves had the wrong light opacity.

  • Placed rubber leaves no longer decay.

  • Change the FORTH boot disk rarity.

  • Nugget merge recipes in alloy furnace.

  • Added jungle wood microblocks.

  • Made diamond blocks harder to cut.

  • Added a workaround for people who insist on setting the world time backwards.

  • Fixed issues with Redbus IDs over 127

Control Changes

  • Fixed KEY?

  • New Words: 0SP 2SWAP ( \ ” AT-XY

  • New words: >NAME NAME> DOES>

  • New words: U. / MOD U< U>

  • New words: PROBE TOP FREE



  • WORDS no longer clobbers the TOS.

  • TIB no longer overwrites SCRATCH.

  • CPU: Fixed interpretation of the E flag.

  • CPU: Add unsigned divide support (C=0), fix divide bugs.

  • CPU: C and Z flags are no longer swapped.

  • CPU: Added unsigned multiply support (C=0)

  • CPU: Fixed the carry flag for SBC.

  • ERASE is now called FORGET

  • TIBFIND is now called ’

  • CPU loader no longer crashes when loading from a disk >64k

  • TIMES can now be used as a compiling word.

  • Make ALLOT smarter

  • Attempt at fixing mac enter keys in Control.