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RedPower 2.0 Prerelease 6 (For Minecraft 1.4.6)

For convenience, RedPower has been repackaged into four modules. All installations need RedPower Core. Logic, Wiring, and Lighting have been packaged as Digital. World, Machine, and Control have been packaged as Mechanical. For use with other mods, RedPower Compat is a new module which includes additional support for cross-mod compatibility.


RedPower is easier than ever to install! Simply install MinecraftForge, and then place RedPower in your mods folder. The same files can be used on a server.


RedPower is provided without charge, but it is nearly a full-time job. If you enjoy it, consider donating to support the development. The less time I have to spend at a day job, the more new things I can add to RedPower!

Copyright Notice

RedPower is copyrighted material. It may only be downloaded from the links provided here, and may not be redistributed in any form, modified or otherwise, without express permission. Decompilation or reverse-engineering is strictly prohibited. All rights not explicitly granted are reserved.

As a special exception, art assets (sprites, terrain textures) may be distributed intact or in modified form solely for the purpose of improving or altering the visible appearance of RedPower (ie as a “texture pack”). They may not be reused for any other purpose.

A small number of textures incorporated into RedPower are based on originals created by Mojang AB. Since these make up an insubstantial portion of Minecraft and are largely transformed in original ways, and are used only for the purpose of aesthetic compatibility, these are deemed a “fair use” under copyright law. All other material is the sole and original creation of Eloraam.

Permission is also granted to record videos of RedPower gameplay.

“RedPower” and “Eloraam” are trademarks of Eloraam.

Older Versions:

RedPower v2.0pr5b2 Client

RedPower v2.05b2 Server

RedPower v2.0pr5b1 Client

RedPower v2.0pr5b1 Server

RedPower v2.0pr5 Client

RedPower v2.0pr5 Server

RedPower v2.0pr4e Client

RedPower v2.0pr4e Server

RedPower v2.0pr4d Client

RedPower v2.0pr4d Server

RedPower v2.0pr4c Client

RedPower v2.0pr4c Server

RedPower v2.0pr4b Client

RedPower v2.0pr4b Server

RedPower v2.0pr4 Client

RedPower v2.0pr4 Server

RedPower v2.0pr3b Client

RedPower v2.0pr3b Server

RedPower v2.0pr3 Client

RedPower v2.0pr3 Server

RedPower v2.0pr2b Client

RedPower v2.0pr2b Server

RedPower v2.0pr2 Client

RedPower v2.0pr2 Server