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Red Power 2 Prerelease 5b1 (For Minecraft 1.2.5)

I’ve quickly patched a bunch of the most serious bugs in RP2pr5, especially the crash bugs. There are still bugs remaining, but they’re less serious/less likely to happen/less likely to crash your game or server. This is why this version is 5b1. There will be a 5b2 sometime in the next week or so that cleans up more of the bugs, but some of the ones I’ve already fixed are pretty critical.


  • Cleaned up Control. Now uses the translation table, fixed the disk being treated as a block instead of an item, etc.

  • Drives drop disks when broken.

  • Fixed SMP rendering bugs in Control.

  • The Assembler no longer crashes when multiple bundle-mode Assemblers are adjacent.

  • Screwdrivering pumps no longer crashes.

  • Frames are much less likely to crash with other mods, and will drop far fewer block types when moving.

  • Fixed the << word in MineOS.

  • Frame Motors no longer lose power on chunk reload.