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1.8.1 Red Power 2 Prerelease 1

Alright, I finally got through the work list for RedPower World, and I know a lot of people are getting impatient, so here we go.

Unofficial MinecraftForge 1.1.1

RedPower 2 Prerelease 1

This is ALPHA GRADE software. It is positively FULL of bugs. More than that, Prerelease 2 will change the way RedPower is configured, so unless you’re very careful to update your config files when that happens, your PR1 saves will be corrupted upon load in PR2.

This is a prerelease version of RedPower 2. It comes complete with all the things in RP1, plus World and Machine. A lot of things have changed, and much of it is undocumented. Recipe book is probably a good idea.

You make wafers by baking smooth stone in a furnace, and red alloy can only be made with an alloy furnace. Try to make a furnace with brick blocks to get one.

I have every intention of making RedPower 2 modular, but there’s still a lot of work going on internally that will make that rather difficult, at least for the time being. And a small technical hiccup has broken SMP, but I’ll have that sorted for PR2 also.

EDIT: Yes, I know that it might be interacting badly with item spawners like TMI right now. That’s just a side-effect of the code that I didn’t finish for PR2.