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Red Power 2 Fa Qs

Okay, so if you’re using the prerelease, here’s a list of FAQs. If you ask any of these, not only won’t I respond, but I’ll delete your comment.

  • The Forge ore dictionary will handle any interaction between mods that make similar ore types. This means that copper, tin, etc will share nicely with ICĀ². It’s not done yet, but this is still a prerelease.

  • TMI doesn’t work properly with the prerelease.

  • The dark matter pick from EE gets confused by marble and basalt. It tries to mine the whole deposit using a recursive algorithm that isn’t suited for mining thousands of blocks at once.
  • There are some major bugs in the Deployer that are causing item duplication in some cases.
  • The whole tube routing system is missing, so if you do anything more than simple A-to-B with them, they won’t do what you want.
  • Stone bricks can’t currently be cut up, but that will be done for the next version.
  • Custom-textured jacketed wires have texture issues right now.
  • Dirt covers render incorrectly in inventory.

  • I haven’t done any playtesting yet, so this isn’t what I’d call the final balance. Ores may be too common.

  • Trees and volcanos are currently using a relatively boring algorithm to determine placement. I have a better one planned, but that won’t get in until pr3.

  • Yes, I plan to make RedPower 2 modular. I didn’t get a chance to finish up some internal architectural changes that currently make that impossible, but RPpr2 should be.