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Red Power 2 Prerelease 2

RedPower 2 Prerelease 2 (RP2pr2) is out.

You can get it here, or click the Download button at the top.

New in this version: - The Filter has been added, and tube routing has been completed. This should make Machine quite usable now. - The Deployer is an almost complete rewrite, and can do almost anything a player can. This includes using buckets, throwing eggs, and many other things. - SMP support! Relatively untested, so there may be bugs. - Re-modularized the release. - Fixed a mess of bugs. - New config system should automatically resolve ID conflicts from now on. - Fixed TMI issues.

Known issues: - The Forge ore dictionary isn’t done yet, so it will still generate its own ores. - There are still game balance issues. - This version is save-incompatible with RP2pr1. The save format should be stable now, though, so future versions should remain compatible. - Microblocks can’t be broken in Creative mode. This isn’t a simple bug, but a major architectural change in 1.8.1. I’m working on it, but it’ll be a bit before I can fix it.

  • Panels are currently broken.
  • In certain cases, tubes get used up without placing.
  • The Filter has an item duplication bug.

Unofficial recipe list (expired, to be fixed).