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More Machine Changes

So I’ve been working on RedPower Machine some more.

The first thing I did was implement all the missing tube routing code. Tubes are actually useful now. An item will move to the first available valid destination, and in the absence of valid destinations, will instead move to the output of a transposer or block breaker, back-stuffing the output buffer and shutting down that machine until space clears for it to continue operation.

The next thing I did was to start work on the next new block in Machine, the Filter. It’s an upgraded Transposer that contains a single inventory slot to determine which types of items it can process. If you’ve ever used the Allocator, this is the same idea. It’s not done yet, but I have graphics:


In other news, SMP is working and I’m half-way through the configuration system update. RP2pr2 should be out in a couple days.