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Red Power Frames

So now I’ve got most of the sprites for RedPower PR4 ready, and I’m down to coding.

People following on twitter may have seen this: imgAlt

A while ago, I posted this: imgAlt

These are the two main components of Frames: the Frame Motor, and the Frame itself.

Frame Motors pull Frames in a direction, along with anything adjacent to the Frame. When they pull another Frame Motor, they also pull the whole Frame connected to it also.

Currently it’s only about half-finished, and it has some bugs, but it’s complete enough to demonstrate:

An early version of RedPower Frames in action. There are a few bugs visible in the demo, and a lot of the support systems are unavailable, but the core functionality is working.

The Frame Motor will use Blutricity when it is completed, but for ease of testing, it currently does not.