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Red Power 2.0 Prerelease 4.

So I just posted RedPower 2 Prerelease 4, for Minecraft 1.0.0. Download link is up top, as always.

Unofficial Recipe List

Major New Features

  • New Blutricity energy net.

  • Added Battery Boxes.

  • Added Voltmeter.

  • Added Sorting Machine.

  • Added Retriever.

  • Added Buffer.

  • Added Paint Cans/Brushes.

  • Added Redstone Tubes.

  • Added partial support for Creative mode.

Known Issues

  • Blutricity power is a little “springy”. When you connect it, you’ll see line transients if you repeatedly measure with a voltmeter. This is normal.

  • There are probably issues with TMI. Don’t bother reporting them. I plan to fix TMI interaction in pr4b.

  • I have no idea what happens if you to enchant RP items.

  • Forge 1.2.0 has a bug with repair recipes. Just don’t use them with RP items. The next Forge version will fix this.

Bugs Fixed

  • Rubber trees now have a fast mode.

  • Fixed infinite backstuffing.

  • Fixed machine freezing.

  • Fixed covers on logic turning into cobble.

  • Fixed ore generation patterns.

  • Fixed a major loss of framerate in SMP with tubes.