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Red Power 2.0 Prerelease 4b.

So I just posted RedPower 2 Prerelease 4b, for Minecraft 1.0.0. Download link is up top, as always.

This version requires Forge 1.2.3 or later, so I packaged up an SVN experimental version, available on the download page. The official one will be out soon, I’m sure.

Unofficial Recipe List


  • Fixed distribution distance rules.

  • Fixed colored stub tubes.

  • Fixed retriever pulling from bottom slots.

  • Fixed retriever bounces dropping.

  • Fixed BT Battery and Indigo Paint recipes (ore dictionary support).

  • Fixed stuffing minecarts.

  • Fixed flax and nikolite drops.

  • Added support for Fortune enchants for mining nikolite.

  • Smelting iron bars and doors into ingots in the alloy furnace.

  • Nether brick and gemstone block microblocks.

  • Creative mode inventory population.