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More News On Frames!

So I’ve been working more on Frames, and while there’s still a number of bugs remaining (especially graphical bugs), I’m able to start making things out of them.

So first, I made a vault door:

A newer example of RedPower Frames, showing a grand entrance door moving multiple blocks. There’s still a lighting bug visible, but it’s a lot more robust than the last video.

Then I set out to do something a lot more ambitious:

Close up of a gantry mining machine made from Red Power frames showing its vaiours wires and mechanisms.

A giant machine stands between a swamp and the plains ready to devour the earth with its hungry maw.

This machine functions much like a Buildcraft Quarry, but it’s done entirely without “magic blocks”. I designed and built it in-world out of existing RedPower blocks and Frames. While this particular function is familiar-looking, it’s only one of millions of possibilities.

This is what I mean when I talk about making the parts work together. Other mods have some of the parts of this, but no combination of them can be used to build these sorts of machines.