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Red Power 2 Prerelease 4d (For Minecraft 1.1.0).

For those who want RedPower on 1.1.0, I present RedPower 2 Prerelease 4d. Download button up top, like usual.

Unofficial Recipe List

The biggest change in this version is simply that it runs on Minecraft 1.1.0, but there are a few new features too.

New Features

  • Added the Project Table, an improved manual crafting table. This is not an automatic crafting table, please don’t ask me to make it into one.

  • Added the Thermopile, which generates power from a temperature differential across it. Now you can run your sorting setup in inconvenient locations.

  • Filters now have color tagging support.


  • Fixed the Deployer interacting with animals.

  • New recipe handling, which removes microblocks from the default recipe list and eliminates crafting lag.

  • No more glass jacketed wires.