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Red Power 2 Prerelease 4e (For Minecraft 1.2.3)

While I’m still busy working away on pr5, I backported a bunch of the new content to 1.2.3 and present it here as RedPower 2 Prerelease 4e. Download button up top, like usual.

Unofficial Recipe List

All the latest changes and updates to Red Power 2 - Pr4e. Get it for Minecraft 1.2 here: http://www.eloraam.com/

In addition to 1.2.3, there are a bunch of new blocks, and more bugfixes than I can count.

New Features

  • Added Magtubes, Accelerators.

  • Added Restriction Tubes.

  • Added Igniter.

  • Added Regulator.

  • Added Blulectric Alloy Furnace.


  • Tubes no longer eject items, use a Transposer for deliberate ejection now.

  • Battery boxes can be powered with redstone to prevent discharge.

  • Retrievers now have sliding window.


  • Fixed the scheduler bugs.

  • Fixed the recipe for the Thermopile.

  • Fixed Deployer glitches.

  • Lots of other bugfixes backported from the pr5 branch.